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In January 2019, Tourism Hub was tasked with developing media and influencer marketing projects in Italy for Marketing Greece.

Marketing Greece: Promoting Greek Tourism 

Marketing Greece is a collaborative effort among private sector tourism entities aimed at showcasing Greece as a modern and captivating tourist destination. Spearheaded by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, it is essentially driven by the Greek tourism industry itself. With a focus on innovation and inclusivity, Marketing Greece conceptualizes and executes dynamic campaigns that encompass the diverse array of Greek destinations and visitor experiences.

Emphasizing cooperation with both private and public entities whenever feasible, Marketing Greece operates as a destination marketing organization, drawing inspiration from cutting

-edge international marketing trends and best practices in communication. At the heart of Greece's new tourism campaign is the aspiration to rekindle the essence of Greek Summer in the minds of international travelers, portraying a holiday in Greece as a profound and genuine encounter unlike any other. This encounter embodies a fusion of freedom, happiness, and a deep connection with nature. To achieve its objectives, Marketing Greece operates under the consumer brand "Discover Greece". Through the platform, which serves as the strategic cornerstone of their promotional endeavors, the organization effectively engages with multiple target audiences using top-notch experiential digital content.

Tourism Hub for Marketing Greece: Media & Influencer marketing projects in Italy

Marketing Greece has identified Tourism Hub as the agency to lead media and influencer marketing projects aimed at showcasing and promoting a diverse array of Greek tourism products and destinations. The goal is to raise awareness among end customers and promote Greece as a diverse, year-round travel destination. Over the years, our team has worked on multiple media projects, aligning with the brief received from the client based on different thematic pillars. The objective is to secure high-quality publicity for Greece's destinations and related tourism experiences. Several influential Italian journalism figures, including food and lifestyle editors, have been engaged in media projects, providing them the opportunity to personally experience the offerings of the Greek territory, stimulating interest among consumers to consider a vacation in Greece.

Among our most recent projects, we identified two prestigious Italian publications to participate in an international press trip. This media project brought together authoritative journalists from Marketing Greece's key markets to explore exclusive experiences in the city of Athens, with the aim to uncover the city's unique and previously undisclosed offerings.

In addition to these media projects, our team executed an influencer marketing campaign in 2019 for Marketing Greece. The focus was on engaging content creators and bloggers with a theme centered around experiencing Greece 'Like a Local'. This initiative introduced lesser-known Ionian Greek islands, such as Zakynthos,  with an itinerary rich of experiences designed to explore the destination as a local would do.  We carefully selected two Italian content creators who could showcase the island's natural, cultural, and gastronomic offerings through captivating imagery, videos, and blog articles.

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