Sega Tours

Sales & Marketing

From 2022, Tourism Hub has been entrusted by Sega Tours with the promotion of their Tour Operator and new platform booking system in the Italian market. Our paths had already crossed the previous years and now we are starting the promotion on the B2B industry in the Italian market.

Sega Tours - Your Ultimate Indian Ocean Online Boutique DMC

Sega Tours is an experienced tour operator based in Mauritius providing unbeatable experience in the region, and much of the business comes from referrals and business network recommendations. By using modern and patented travel technologies to support agencies and TO partners they’ve been able to increase revenue and bolster the sales throughout the market.

Tourism Hub for Sega Tours - B2B development, market analysis, improved database and CRM system

Our primary objective is to increase the awareness and visibility of Sega Tours, employing a multi-faceted approach. We kick-started the process by understanding the market, new opportunities and spotting the best partners to collaborate with. This was done with the intent of boosting the product's recognition in the Italian market.

Once we laid the foundations, we adopted a direct approach for promoting the product. We’ve communicated and engaged with lots of important players in the industry to understand their needs and areas of development that can be adopted to best promote the reality of Sega Tours.

In parallel, we focused on expanding the commercial partnerships, seeking to establish new fruitful collaborations during trade fairs, events and specific sales calls.

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