Alberto Truffa

b2b, Marketing & Digital

I am a travel enthusiast with a tenacious problem solving mentality and a strong passion for music and video-making.

Alberto started collaborating with Tourism Hub in 2020, fresh from University as a trade executive looking after a travel agent formation platform, supporting in marketing strategies as well as team assistant.

Raised in a tourism marketing professional environment, with a dad working for various Tour Operators and a mum owner of a Travel Agency, Alberto has travelled to over 40 destinations on all 5 continents and he has never stopped exploring to get to know other cultures.
As a result of his foreign language-oriented education he fluently speaks 4 languages and has an International Diploma along with a Bachelor degree in music production. Alberto started his career in tourism at the age of 18 when he first worked for an international Swiss team, as a travel assistant in various Mediterranean resorts and then as a travel coordinator for the Tour operator Eden Viaggi. During his studies he was been working many summers abroad, he started collaborating with a travel agency in Turin and experienced working for 3 years as front desk manager in a historical hotel. He is passionate about digital marketing and gets creative with promotional strategies for B2B projects as well as consumer campaigns. 

Alberto Truffa


Travel Coordinator
Alberto Truffa
2018 - 2020

Marketing Strategy
Alberto Truffa
2020 - 2021

b2b Development
Alberto Truffa
2021 - present