Gemma De Bernardi

PR & Media

I am a young communication & event organization professional with experience spanning from the non-profit sector to public administration, design, and contemporary culture. A strong international mindset, gained from my experiences, has driven me to constantly challenge myself with new opportunities and scenarios. I am an eternal optimist, always seeking novelty and destinations to discover. Every story deserves to be told and shared because the more we know, the more connected we are to the world around us.

Gemma brings in the team valuable experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of communication, public relations, and marketing, along with a proven track record of successful projects in both the public and private sectors. 

Her work background includes the development of marketing and PR strategies, coordinating international events such as the Nitto ATP Finals and the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as managing relationships with media, stakeholders, institutions, and public relations. 

She is passionate about travel and discovering new cultures worldwide, with a particular focus on the local culinary scenes, traditions, and urban challenges.


Gemma De Bernardi


PR, Marketing & Event Manager
2022 - 2023

PR & Communications Manager
2023 - present