G'Day Australia 2023

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G'day Australia is an Australia-based trade event that combines a training workshop and familiarization visits exclusively for qualified Aussie Specialist agents from around the world.

In October 2023, 10 Italian travel agents qualified Aussie Specialist had the opportunity to participate in the event, held in Cairns, Queensland, from 9th to 12th October, escorted by our Aussie Specialist Trainer. During the three-day workshop, they had the unique opportunity to gain more specific product knowledge by meeting Australian sellers and operators, while connecting with other Aussie Specialist travel agents.

They then embarked on immersive fam trips across the country, providing them with firsthand experiences of Australia's diverse offerings, including nature and wildlife, urban life, indigenous culture, aquatic adventures and much more.

├ČThese experiences deepened their enthusiasm and love for the destination and enhanced their ability to promote Australia to their clients upon their return, making them true ambassadors of the destination.

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