Agenzia In Liguria

PR & Media relations

From 2019 to 2022 Tourism Hub has been supporting inLiguria in press office activities for the Italian, UK, and DACH markets. The goal was to promote the tourism offer's image, activate the client's marketing strategies, and implement special initiatives.

Agenzia “in Liguria”

The agency "In Liguria" collaborates daily with operators, tourists, citizens, and institutions to promote Liguria in Italy and worldwide, highlighting its value and contributing to its economic growth. The main objectives of "In Liguria" are as follows: foster the creation of a comprehensive "Sistema Liguria" encompassing all the region's excellences (tourism, food and wine, craftsmanship, historical and cultural sites, environmental and landscape treasures, and more) to increase their value and showcase their uniqueness; enhance Liguria's reputation as an international tourist destination for all seasons, cherished by an ever-growing number of tourists and travelers seeking authenticity, beauty, sustainability, and a high quality of life; increase the capacity to attract human capital, investments, major events, film and television productions, and all other elements contributing to regional growth and development.

Tourism Hub for Agenzia “in Liguria”: press office activities for Italian, UK and DACH markets

Our tourism PR agency supported Agenzia "in Liguria" from 2019 to 2022, working on a strategic media plan including marketing and communication actions primarily divided into three areas: communication actions for the Liguria brand and the destination; initiatives related to "Experience" and promo-commercial activities.

Given this rationale, our team made a strategic decision to focus on a diverse set of objectives. Firstly, we aimed to enhance the visibility and reputation of the destination and its offerings. To achieve this, we developed fresh and engaging communication content resonating with audiences on a deep experiential level, using suitable communication channels. Secondly, our team crafted compelling "story pitches" centered around the destination's key products, tailored to each market's unique requirements, ensuring maximum attention and impact. Lastly, in line with the destination's positioning, our team proposed strategic partnerships with brands sharing similar values and themes. These partnerships aimed to broaden the target audience by attracting those with an affinity for similar experiences and environments. By adopting this comprehensive approach, our team aimed to achieve substantial growth and success for the destination and its offerings.

Over the years of working with the client Agenzia "in Liguria," our team has undertaken various media projects, including participation in major tourism fairs in Italy, facilitating meetings between sector journalists and the client, supporting press conference organization, and creating opportunities for in-depth discussions and interviews with key figures from Agenzia "in Liguria." Additionally, our team has assisted the client in selecting and engaging with prominent journalists in the tourism, lifestyle, luxury, and food sectors from Italy, the UK, and the DACH region. These journalists were involved in experiential press trips to personally explore the region's offerings and participate in various events created by Agenzia "in Liguria," such as "Oliveti Aperti" and the "Surf the Mountain" project.

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