Tahiti Tourisme

Full representation

In January 2024 Tourism Hub has been appointed as full representation agency for Tahiti Tourisme in Italy.

The Islands of Tahiti

Located in the Pacific Ocean, The Islands of Tahiti are a mythical destination: 118 islands permeated by a life force, or Mana, that animates everything and is felt as soon as you set foot in this tropical paradise.

In praise of slowness, smiles and respect for a thousand-year-old tradition, The Islands of Tahiti have the scent of vanilla, the melody of the ukulele, the essence of Tiare flowers and the taste of coconut.

Traditionally associated with an exclusive destination confined solely to honeymoon travels, French Polynesia instead has many facets to offer all types of travelers: from diving enthusiasts who will find a unique coral reef and marine life here, to sailing and cruising vacationers who can also discover the smaller islands in the best way they can be explored: by sea, sailing through the thousand shades of blue in the lagoon. And again, it will not leave professionals and amateurs of surfing disappointed, with spots of excellence such as Teahupo'o, where the surfing competition for the 2024 Paris Olympics will be based, or those who are curious to discover an ancient culture, still made up of smiles, values and traditions tattooed on the skin or transmitted to the rhythm of the local dance, and culinary delights that maximize the gifts of the majestic nature of the tropics.

Tourism Hub for Tahiti Tourisme: PR, social media, trade and consumer

Tahiti Tourisme's team is in charge of promoting the destination in the Italian market at 360°, through press office and public relations activities, the conveyance of social content through the Tourism Board’s Facebook page, activations, events and campaigns dedicated to the end consumer, as well as through collaboration with the trade and travel agency training through the dedicated Tahiti Specialist Program. 

The common goal of the activities implemented for Tahiti Tourisme is to keep the desirability of the destination high, highlighting the diversity of its incredible offerings and promoting the many possibilities to enjoy a unique experience during a stay in the islands.

The role of spreading this less conventional perspective from which to observe an iconic destination such as French Polynesia is entrusted, therefore, to multimedia content generated through the involvement of the national press, content creators, and traditional as well as more innovative media. But also through the training of operators and retailers who must interface daily with an ever-changing and increasingly fragmented demand and who can in this way direct it in the most correct way through updated information and materials. 

Finally, knowledge is also nourished by inspiration: it will be the events and campaigns aimed at potential Italian travelers that will fuel their interest in new experiences and new proposals for a destination that is already included in the common imagination as one of the earthly paradises that have remained untouched.


Visit the website to learn more: Tahiti Tourisme