La Compagnie celebrates March 8th with Paper Flower Design

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The brief

Among the annual activities organised for the promotion of La Compagnie's 100% Business Class service, we involved an Italian Paper Flower Designer to celebrate Women's Day with a special gift that tells of sustainability, innovation and Italian craftsmanship with the aim of creating a collaboration capable of generating media interest and that was representative of Italian artistic and creative excellence.

The project

On the occasion of Women's Day, we have designed a special present for La Compagnie dedicated to passengers on the Milan - New York route: a floral arrangement handmade by an Italian craftswoman using only paper as the production material. Why paper? Because it remains a gift devoted to sustainability. In this way, no cut flowers are used, but a pretty combination of tulips, gerberas and peonies in light recyclable paper will live forever sporting its particular turquoise colour, inspired by the shades of the air carrier.

The composition was created with the language of flowers and what they represent, carrying with it a positive and auspicious symbolism.

In the almost two years of operations on the Italian Milan-New York route, we regularly try to involve personalities, products and brands that tell of Italian excellence and represent an abstract cultural bridge between Italy and the United States with dedicated on-board activations. Not to be outdone is the involvement of such a special professional figure, who in his day-to-day work brings the art of flower design to a new level of innovation through its sustainable connotation, but at the same time maintains the value of craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

The collaboration generated some national media coverage, including an interview on Radio Deejay and a dedicated article onĀ

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